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Mission of Hope


About Mission of Hope
The Mission of Hope was born in response to a local television station broadcast, WBIR's "Hunger for Hope". During this broadcast, TV news anchor Bill Williams informed us of the destitution and poverty in rural Appalachia by showing us real life examples of children and families who suffer from physical hunger in the mountains, hills and hollows of southeastern Kentucky.

In 1996 through 2002 the Mission of Hope has ministered to the people of various counties in Kentucky and Tennessee from which 80% of the regions residents no longer have jobs in the coal mining industry. In 2002 through the generosity of so many people, the Mission of Hope was able to help over 10,000 children and their families with food, clothes, toys and hygiene items.

Our Christmas campaign will continue to help folks in the areas of Kentucky and Tennessee.

The men and women of Appalachia are a proud people with a long heritage of self reliance and independence. They have been blessed with the natural beauty of the mountains as their home for many generations. Unfortunately, many families in Appalachia have lost hope for a successful future because they only see the results of poverty, broken families, loss of jobs, and depleted coal mining economies. There are many places around the world that could use your help, but this is where you have an opportunity to make a difference in your back yard, Appalachia.

In the words of Bill Williams, "they are caught in the pockets of poverty". As a result, they have lost hope for the future. However, by sharing God's love for them, the Mission of Hope can help restore hope for many.

Christ Covenant has been partnered with Black Mountain Elementary School in Harlan County, Kentucky for many years. It is our privilege to serve the students and families in this rural Appalachian area by donating toys, hygiene items, and clothing. Through our special opportunities for service, our members and friends travel to the school and interact personally with the children and their families.  In August we gather backpacks and school supplies to deliver to the children, and in December we collect new clothing through our Gift Tree tags for the children at Black Mountain Elementary. 

Do you remember how much fun it was to get new school supplies when you were a child? Parents want their children to have everything they need for a good education, but in Appalachia, this privilege is sometimes an impossibility.

Help us to deliver new backpacks and supplies to our Black Mountain students on Friday, August 18 on a coach bus that leaves our parking lot at 7 am and returns by 5pm. The school principal and teachers tell us that this program helps all their kids start the new school year on an equal plain and they are so excited when they get these NEW supplies. Thanks for your support and for helping to extend the Hope! Sign up deadline is August 13th.  Click here to sign up!

Hope Academy 2017
Thank you to all who participated in this family-oriented mission trip to Harlan County, Kentucky, doing work projects, teaching life skills to parents, and encouraging enrichment experiences for the children.

BackPack Delivery 2016
We  collected school supplies for the teachers of Black Mountain Elementary School and delivered backpacks for the children.  Thank you for your support and your help extending the Hope!

Hope Academy 2016
Hope Academy was held June 13-17 at Black Mountain Elementary School in Harlan County Kentucky. Our team taught life skills classes for the adults of the community and enrichment classes for the children.  Our team also worked on many projects throughout the community including painting storage buildings, cleaning every classroom and all lockers, washing windows inside and out, scraping gum from under desks, pressure-washing trash cans and chairs, and even the janitors' closet was totally cleaned.  Over 60 family units were served by the Hope Store, receiving food baskets, furniture, household items, small appliances and outdoor equipment - donated by Christ Covenant members. There were many smiles and hugs, all done to extend the Hope of Jesus to our friends at Black Mountain Elementary School.  Thank you to all who donated items!

Mission of Hope Gift Trees and Gift Delivery
Each Christmas we have Mission of Hope Christmas gift trees in the front lobby. The clothing purchased are for the children of Black Mountain Elementary School in Harlan County, KY.  Then in early December we travel by chartered bus to Black Mountain Elementary School to deliver Mission of Hope Christmas gifts to the children. 

To learn more about Mission of Hope, click here.