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Missions Partners

Christ Covenant seeks to KNOW, LOVE, and SERVE
...our Missions Partners staff!

Love one another with brotherly affection [as members of one family],
giving precedence and showing honor to one another. Romans 12:10 (Amplified Bible)

  • Learn about our international staff's ministry, sending agency, and family.
  • Send them an email/card/letter of encouragement.
  • Advocate for their work in your small group.
  • Remember them in prayer.

Click here for UPDATES from our missionaries in our blog "Reports From the Mission Field."

Thank you  for helping with this ministry that has the potential of touching hundreds of Muslims in the name of Jesus!  CLICK HERE for more from First Evangelical Church of Athens.

Missions Prayer Group will meet the first Sunday of each month. This prayer time will be dedicated to prayer for world missions and our missionaries. Please join us in The Well in the Children's Wing at 12:15 the first Sunday of each month.

How to Pray for Missionaries: Protection, Perseverance, Preparation, Provision, Prosperity.
All of our missionaries, whether they have been serving for many years or just a few months, always face the need for preparation in all areas of life. Apart from spiritual preparation, which all of us need, missionaries face a unique need for preparation in several other areas:

As you pray and "work out" your own salvation, please remember to pray for the spiritual preparation of our missionary families. Quiet, consistent time to spend in the Word and prayer is desperately needed for preparation for life in general and their unique calling.Pray for the cross-cultural preparation of our missionaries. To minister effectively, they need to function well in the language as well as accept and understand the nuances of a culture that is not and will never be their own.Pray for emotional preparation for our missionaries.The constant barrage of living and working where you are a foreigner can lead to discouragement and even depression.Being away from family, especially during holiday seasons, can be emotionally difficult.

International Staff by World Regions



John and Kathy Clow
- HONDURAS  Mission to the World

Andrew and Julie Halbert
- COSTA RICA  United World Mission

 Aaron and Rachel Halbert 
- HONDURAS  Mission to the World



Bill and Bobbie Boggess - FRANCE
Jay and Judy Francis - UKRAINE
SEND International
Phillip and Joy Kirkland
- Athens, GREECE
Mission to the World
Jim and Barbara McNamee - SPAIN
Young Life
Jay and Judy Lynn Francis - UKRAINE
SEND International
Eric and Beth Yodis - UKRAINE
World Venture
Bobbie & Teresa LaDage - GERMANY
United World Mission


Wayne & Ann Curles - SE ASIA
Church Resourse Ministries
Toffer & Becky King - SE ASIA
Capstone Ministries - INDIA  Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre -TAIWAN    OMF International
Kishor and Sikha Pandagade - INDIA
Advancing Native Missions 


Joel and Sarah McCall - EAST AFRICA
Equipping Leaders International (ELI)
Dan Steere - WEST AFRICA
Equipping Leaders International (ELI)
Alex & Maggie Halbert
United World Mission


Ryan & Glenda Bowles
Fawzy & Linda Attia
Jonah and Jennifer


Jim and Donna Ewell
Dyersburg Mission
Steve and Carol Lehman
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Lee and Jen Ledbetter
RUF International UTK
Mike and Carrie Meisenheimer
Campus Outreach - Furman

Tammy Murden

George and Kathy Schultz
United World Mission
Hank and Gloria Radar
Transport for CHRIST