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Women's Spring Bible Studies

Spring 2018 Bible Studies begin the week of January 14 and continue through April 26.  
***Weather notice:  if Knox County schools are closed for winter weather, our studies will NOT meet***

Tuesdays 10am-noon
Joshua: Every Good Promise Fulfilled by Jen Wilken
Gain a fresh perspective on how Joshua demonstrates faith in God as he follows the orders given to Him and leads the Israelites into the Promised Land.  We’ll also discover how God rewards obedience through this strong, courageous leader 

Tuesdays 5-7pm
The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis by Nancy Guthrie
This study will help you:
 -Make new discoveries of Jesus as seen in the shadows of the Old Testament
 -Apply the gospel to issues such as shame, fear, and the desire for significance
 -Develop your longing for what is ahead when the world is once again made new 

Wednesdays 6:00pm – 7:30pm 
The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer
The enemy, who seeks to wreak havoc on everything that matters to you, fails miserably when he meets a woman dressed for the occasion. The Armor of God, more than merely a biblical description of the believer's inventory, is an action plan for putting it on and developing a personalized strategy to secure victory.

Thursdays 10am-12pm
Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges
It seems the big sins grab all the headlines, but what about jealousy, selfishness, greed, and "little" faults we live with every day? Opening our eyes to the spiritual dangers of "acceptable" transgressions, Bridges urges us to thoughtfully examine our lives and turn away from more subtle, negative behaviors

Thursdays 10am-12pm
Hoping for Something Better: Refusing to Settle for Life as Usual by Nancy Guthrie
As we journey through the book of Hebrews, we will see that there is something better than a life lived with nagging disappointment. There's something better than superficial spirituality, better than meaningless ritual, better than a life bound by shame and regret. And that something better is within your grasp. With stories from her own life and struggles, as well as solid insights into biblical truths, Nancy applies the ancient truths of Hebrews to your very real needs of today---significance, security, and hope for the future---and encourages you to refuse to settle for anything less than the something better you've been hoping for all along.

Thursdays 10am-12pm
Study of World Religions by Seth Hammond
This study will include an in-depth exploration of Islam, Mormonism, Hinduism, and Buddhism in order to better understand these world religions and more easily share your Christian beliefs with others.  After this four week study, the group will study The Gospel of Mark by Lisa Harper.

Thursdays 10am-12pm
The Wisdom of God: Seeing Jesus in the Psalms & Wisdom Books by Nancy Guthrie
This study of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon mines the Wisdom Literature not only for wise principles for living, but also for the wise person these books point to through their drama, poetry, proverb, and song. We will focus on seeing Jesus in the Old Testament instead of emphasizing works-based moralism. Nancy presents clear commentary and contemporary application of gospel truths, speaking directly to issues such as repentance, submission, happiness, and sexuality.