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Are We Really Connecting with One Another?

Don't isolate, communicate....

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Hurtful Words to Hurting People

There is no latitude with platitudes....

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Be You

We can't be good at everything, but we can be good at something....

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Time Marches On

Where has all the time gone?...

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Are You a Stuffer or a Dumper?

When it comes to our feelings, do you stuff your feelings in, or do you dump your feelings out?...

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2 Major Concerns About Same-Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage would negatively impact traditional marriages & children as well as homosexuals themselves....

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Is That a Yes or a No?

Houston, we have a commitment problem....

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10 Beliefs That Unite Christians Everywhere

Unfortunately, Christians spend a lot of time debating the non-essentials, forgetting what unites them in the first place....

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6 Things to Remember About Money

Money is the biggest cause of stress in America today....

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Divorce is a Dirty Word

Just because divorce is easy to do, it doesn't make it right....

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