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Mike and Carrie Meisenheimer - April 2018

Hey friends,
Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragements over the past few weeks concerning Riggs. We have felt very loved and cared for by all of you! We have an update on him as well as 3 quick ministry updates from the past few weeks to share with you.

Update on Riggs
Thankfully Riggs started walking normal again and the rash fully passed a few weeks ago. He had over two weeks of complete normalcy which we were so grateful for…then last weekend he started dragging a leg and having a little trouble with his gait especially if he attempted to run. That was quite discouraging (and fearful!) after 2 weeks of normalcy. We were already scheduled to have blood work early this week to check his liver enzymes that had been so high during the peak of this virus. The pediatrician also did extensive x-rays of both hips, knees, and ankles at that time to make sure we weren’t missing anything. And they did more extensive blood work again. We just received news a few days ago that ALL of the blood work and x-rays are completely normal (and his liver enzymes are back to normal). So praise God with us for that! We obviously still want our little boy to be able to walk and run completely normal-but he’s been a little better each day this week. The doctors are still very hopeful this is just some crazy virus with lingering effects and working its way out of his body. So please continue to pray that this virus leaves without any permanent damage or effects to his body. We are deepening our trust in God one day (or hour) at a time and He feels very near to us amidst this trial. Please continue to pray for peace and trust for us, and full healing for Riggs. 

Resource Staff Conference
I (Mike) had the privilege of coordinating and leading the annual Resource Staff Conference for the 9 Campus Outreach regions on the East Coast (Greenville, Atlanta, Augusta, Charlotte, Charleston, Raleigh, Lynchburg, Wash DC, and Tampa, FL). This group of 30+ administrative and support staff serve their regional staff teams by running everything from organizational finances, processing donations, planning and executing events, creating digital media, communicating through written and social media, printing Bible studies, or whatever else it takes to run an effective non-profit ministry. We covered topics ranging from self leadership, self management, and personal health, to best practices and specific skill training. Every year, I am encouraged by this group because of their combination of talents and skills as well as their character and heart to serve others. I like to think of them as the friends in Luke 5 that are so convinced that Jesus can heal that they do whatever it takes logistically (even tearing through a roof) to get students in touch with Jesus.

Clemson Student Basketball Tournament
Around 60 students joined our Clemson staff for a Saturday 3-on-3 basketball tournament on campus full of good competition and fun. This served to be a successful way to make new connections with students and also spend quality time with those already attending our weekly events and Bible studies.

Leadership Project Commitments
This week marks the commitment deadline for our summer Leadership Project, the 8 week training program we host in Myrtle Beach, SC. We would love your prayers over the next two days for a number of students still deciding or coordinating details to be able to attend.
Thankful for all of you,
Mike, Carrie, Copeland, Anna Cile, and Riggs
Campus Outreach, Clemson, SC