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Mike and Carrie Meisenheimer- June 2017

meisju4 (4)We made it to the Leadership Project!
Please pray for us on Mondays!

What is the Leadership Project? The Leadership Project (LP) is an incredible opportunity for college students to spend 2 months of their summer learning more about their relationship with God and how to share that with others as they live, work, and have fun together. This year, we have joined over 100 Campus Outreach Greenville students and staff this summer in the Myrtle Beach area. Students will work jobs during the week while our staff will plan and lead trainings throughout the summer. 

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Will you pray for us regularly on Monday’s throughout the summer? We’re thinking just an alarm that reminds you to pray that day or at a meal time for our family. It would mean so much! Mike will be coordinating a training time for our student leaders each Monday morning this summer. You can pray for him as he teaches and equips these student leaders to help lead other students and serve the entire project. We provide leadership training in addition to training on the Christian basics like how to study the Bible, how to pray, how to share your faith, how to lead small groups, and how to build relationships with co-workers or those around you.

Mike is also in charge of the logistics of the project this summer. So pray especially in this first week that our housing, jobs, church meeting space, etc. all comes together! We are staying in a new location this year which comes with some new challenges to think and plan for. Pray that Mike will have wisdom in leading and navigating those issues and that our students and staff would be a blessing to those whom we interact with on a daily basis. 

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Pray for our family as we adjust and live in small quarters for the next month. The first few days have been rough here as they always are while we all adjust (like getting used to dirty feet from walking around and learning to wear our shoes inside—our housing really isn’t terrible but there’s always something each year that reminds us how comfortable our real homes are and this year its the floors :) It’s also especially important for Carrie’s health that we all sleep well in a new place so she can have some margins in her schedule. She has had to rest and recover in the bed this weekend because of the intensity of the first week here. 

Honestly when we look back at last year, our June last summer at the Leadership Project was one of our best family months and the kids did really well. And we know that had to do with many of you praying for us so consistently while we were there. Thank you! We are asking God to do the same again this year and we so appreciate your prayers as we embark on this adventure. 

Our house went on the market a few days ago in Greenville! Bittersweet but praying that God will provide a buyer quickly. 

Thank you for praying and partnering with us! We especially need it in this month ahead! We’ve attached some pictures for you to see our first week here and have a glimpse into our lives!

Mike, Carrie, Copeland, Anna Cile, and Riggs