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Joel and Sarah McCall - June 2017


After two weeks of teaching in Uganda, it was clear that God had worked in a mighty way. We had touched churches from the War zone area of Adjumani to the Islands of Lake Victoria.  Everywhere, the hunger was the same. 

In Jinja, a pastor who leads ministry on the Islands in Lake Victoria said: "The problem we have in Uganda is this: The blind are leading the blind."   He went on to explain the reasons for his statement.  Because pastors have little to no training, they don't know how to handle the Bible. This isn't the situation of a spiritually blind people. They love Jesus and to the best of their understanding are seeking to pastor churches.  This pastor praised the Lord for the teaching on Romans and he expressed desire to see a continuation of such teaching in the future.  That is the hunger for God's Word which we continually encounter everywhere. 

On the last day, another mature pastor came to me with profuse thanks for the content on Romans.  He begged me saying, "I mean this, please teach me!"  The earnestness in his voice reminds me again why we go and why God uses you to enable this work.

"You must promise to return and teach the second half of Romans to us!" 

So I am returning in July to fulfill this promise. The work has already begun.  How could we not finish what was begun? For an entire month in Rwanda, DR Congo and Uganda, I will be with two teams teaching Romans 11-16.  The content turns the focus from Justification to Sanctification.  God is going to move in a mighty way to impact many leaders and churches through this time of instruction.  I am anticipating great things from the Lord while there.

The Father has graciously provided a full team for Mid-July through Mid-August. 

The lead up to this, however, has been a challenge. Upon returning from Uganda, there were hurdles. As I worked to complete a course on Romans, Sarah had an emergency Appendectomy. Then 2 wks later we left for me to preach in Elverson, PA.  Now I'm preparing for speaking in Nashville, TN, then following that I will be in Oklahoma to attend the graduation of my son, Zachary, from Basic training in the US Army.  Then off to East Africa.

Please pray for the following:
 - Thanks to God for your partnership with me in this upcoming work.
 - Clarity in our communicating
 - Spirit-filled understanding for the pastors and multiplication of the message
 - Safety and health.
 - Funds needed for the training of the pastors: $8400.00

Joel McCall