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Reports from the Mission Field

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Update from Joel and Sarah McCall - December 2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS!"And the Angel said to them, 'Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.'"(Lk 2:10-11 ESV) Imagine the shock of the shepherds. Just another "ho-hum" night. Suddenly, the dark sky became brilliant. Fear was natural, but the sta...

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Update from Steve and Carol Lehman - Dec. 2016

Jesus came to bring peace.  By His sacrifice and resurrection we are declared righteous and have the assurance of eternal life.  As believers we are to proclaim Jesus as Savior and relieve physical suffering when we have the opportunity. After Hurricane Matthew devastated parts of Haiti, one resident of Dame Marie (a town on the westernmost coast of Haiti) expre...

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Update from Jim and Barbara McNamee

(McNamees at Thanksgiving) As I write this Thanksgiving morning, I’m reminded that 12 years ago last week Barbara and I arrived in Madrid to start Young Life in Spain. What could be more humorous than two 50-somethings moving to a foreign country, where they couldn’t speak the language, to start a youth ministry! God does have a sense of humor. Through these y...

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Update from Mike and Carrie Meisenheimer - Nov.2016

Happy Thanksgiving friends!We continue to be so thankful for the work God is doing in and around us through the ministry of Campus Outreach. We honestly feel so privileged to be involved and watch God work! Thank YOU for being a valuable part in making it possible for us through your prayers and faithful gifts. One thing we love about our job is investing in our staff men ...

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Update from Dan and Susan Steere - Nov.2016

“Have you ever eaten llama?” My new friends at Iglesia Biblica Monte de Sion (Mount Zion Bible Church) wanted to take me out to celebrate my week in Bolivia. And since Cochabamba is considered the “gastronomical capital” of the country, I had been enjoying the food – both familiar and unfamiliar – all week. So, after Chicharron de Chanch...

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Update from George and Kathy Schultz - Nov. 2016

Youth Intercultural Training “We think of our time down at CIT often. Our children brought their CIT binders along, and oh, how they have helped our kids remember steps along our journey and to transition to life here (we're almost fully settled in). Thank you for all you do to pour into so many children's lives! You truly are making a difference!” The above ...

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Update from Tammy Murden - November 2016

This month God has provide abundantly for our NavMissions office by giving us a brand new office space (see picture). We had a pipe burst in early Oct and flood our entire floor. The result is that we got to re-design our International Mobilization work space to make it more inviting as well as to facilitate our growing mobilization team. This week we had an open house for...

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Update from Alex and Maggie Halbert - November 2916

Greetings from the Halbert family! We pray you are doing well and hope you enjoy our most recent update.Family UpdateIn our last update we asked you to pray about the visits of both Maggie’s and Alex’s parents. We are grateful for you prayers. Both families were able to make the long journey smoothy and jump right into getting to know their grandkids face to fa...

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Update from Bobby and Teresa LaDage Nov.2016

Not all training takes place in formal meetings.Sometimes it is walking down the street, other times it's drinking coffee in a cafe, or talking on Skype. God has given us many opportunities to spread the vision for starting new churches and encouraging men and women who are taking part in planting these churches. As catalysts we spend a lot of time networking and asking ...

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Update from Dan and Susan Steer - November 2016

Bolivian Ministry OpportunityReturning to the Land of My Father's Birth When I entered the ministry many years ago, I promised the Lord I would go wherever He sent me. Unexpectedly, He is sending me to Bolivia! I am fascinated by this providential opportunity because I will be returning to the very country and region where my grandparents served as missionaries. Jason an...

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