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Reports from the Mission Field

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Mike and Carrie Meisenheimer - September 2017

Kickoff time! We’re not talking about football (yet), but all five campuses have kicked off the semester with cookouts and fun social gatherings to reconnect with students and meet new or incoming freshmen. Specifically, we were able to participate with Clemson as they enjoyed burgers, hotdogs, frisbee, spike ball, and socializing on an intramural field and also wit...

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Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre - September 2017

Dear Prayer Supporters, We give thanks to report that our first Sunday service went well! Thank you for praying! We had around 30 people in attendance, including kids. We sang songs led by Jennifer on the piano, Thomas preached in Mandarin while our coworkers led a kids program, and we ate lunch together. Lord willing, we'll continue to do this ...

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Andrew and Julie Halbert - September 2017

  Chris Wright Conference Earlier in the year we asked you to pray about the conference with Dr. Chris Wright at the end of April. We are happy to say that the response to the event was very positive. Dr. Wright spoke to our faculty one afternoon and then later to the Theological Fraternity before beginning his three seminars on preaching from the Old Testament. Our...

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Joel McCall - August 29, 2017

FOUR CONFERENCES TOUCHING THREE NATIONS Christ was clearly present in this past month, and through your prayers and partnership with me, so were you! This was the first time I taught the second half of Romans.  In each conference I reviewed the first half of Romans to tie the book together (justification which leads to sanctification in the Christian life).  Ma...

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Lee and Jen Leadbetter - August 2017

A New Year is out of the gate! RUF International Welcome Table   Point of Contact Last week RUF International got to welcome 90 out of the 250 or so new students who arrived on our shores...more likely touched down in our airports...from places like Columbia and Kazakhstan, Spain and South Korea, Italy and Iran, Bangladesh and Brazil, and...of course...China! ...

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Matt Howell, RUF - August 2017

THE FALL SEMESTER IS HERE!PLEASE PRAY! In three days, thousands of new students will be pouring into Knoxville and moving into their dorms and apartments.  It will be a stressful, sad, overwhelming, exciting weekend for many students and their parents.  And of course, Freshman Move In Day kicks off the Fall semester for RUF at UT.  And so, I would be so g...

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Thomas and Jennifer McIntyre - August 2017

Dear Prayer Supporters, Greetings from a VERY hot & humid Taiwan! Lately, Jennifer has had a burden to pray daily for several women on the fringes of our church. They're unable to attend regularly for reasons that correspond with the Parable of the Sower, but all have significant interest in becoming Christians. We challenge you to join Jennifer in regular prayer f...

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Bill and Bobbie Boggess - August 2017

Bill and Bobbie and Sabrina and Benjamin at Etretat on the Normandy coast July 2017 In July Benjamin and Sabrina came to France for a week's visit.  It was lots of fun to have them and hard to see them leave.  And Bradlee will come too, in September for a few days! And all three boys will come back to France one last time for the going-away party we will have fo...

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Dan and Susan Steere - August 2017

It has been a busy summer, full of momentous events and God’s faithful sustaining.  On September 1, I will be leaving for Ghana and two weeks of conference ministry.  I am looking forward to seeing the brethren there and continuing the work of the past 12 years.  Please pray for the team as we travel and teach. GOD'S STEADFAST LOVE Our Joy, Our Hope ...

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Marc and Denise Atchley - August 2017

Coffee Talk with Marc and Denise Atchley Our TEAM partner Brad Newport shared a recent article in Blue Magazine entitled "Athens thirsts for third wave coffee" (how much better if it had read "Athens thirsts for Living Water" ... but fortunately, we can help them with both!).  By "third wave coffee" we mean coffee that from seed to cup is handled with the utmost c...

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