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Reports from the Mission Field

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Update from Bobbie and Teresa LaDage - March 2016

    We often ask ourselves, "What's a meeting? What's a book? What's a conversation? What's a Skype call? What's an email?" At times being church planting catalysts seems trivial and we wonder if any of what we do is really helping further God's Kingdom, but today God used this quote from Gospel Deeps by Jared C. Wilson to encourage us. "Uneducated ...

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Report from Joel McCall in Uganda March 2016 - Part 1

MONDAYThe entire team arrived with the exception of Rick's luggage. Mind you, Rick didn't get to the hotel until around 4:00AM. So much for the romance of travel. His luggage should have arrived this evening by bus here in Nebbi. The trip to Nebbi involved 10 hours of road travel from Entebbe. We crossed the Nile, saw a lot of monkeys and baboons, passed a Rhino reserve...

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Update from Alex and Maggie Halbert - March 2016

It is hard to believe that on this date last year we were getting commissioned at Westminster Presbyterian Church, saying goodbye to friends and family, and then headed to the airport with most everything we own. This year’s theme for our family seems to have been change; change in continent, number of members in our family, number of languages we are spoken to eve...

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The Clow Communicator - Update from John and Kathy Clow Feb.2016

     February started with John being in the States. He spent his time there with a visit to his parents and 96 year old grandmother, a visit to a church in AL, and admin work in the MTW office. He was able to coordinate his time at the office with Aaron Halbert, team leader/team mate in Tegucigalpa. While in the USA, Aaron received a call from...

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BIG Announcement from Toffer and Becky King

Dear Family and Friends- We are thankful for each and every one of you being part of our lives andthank you for your love, prayers, and support. We are pleased to announcethe birth of our little Sunflower. Abigail Joy King was born at 9:58 am on3 March 2016 local time. She weighed in at 3.85 kg (8 lb. 7.5 oz.) and is52 cm long (20.5 in.) Abigail is healthy and very stro...

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Report from Joel McCall in Costa Rica - Jan.25, 2016

Report from Joel McCall in Costa Rica...

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Joel McCall - leaving for Uganda and Rwanda March 10

From Joel McCall:LEAVING FOR UGANDA AND RWANDAMARCH 10 - APRIL 1ONLY 6 1/2 WEEKS FROM NOW!NORTHERN UGANDA Almost two years ago I travelled with George Byabagambi and a team to the northernmost area of Uganda for two weeks of conferences. The last week was a pleasant surprise as we went to a town called Nebbi. This was my first contact there, it was the region at the cen...

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First Greek Evangelical Church in Athens, Greece - Feb.2016

"Is this not the fast that I have chosen...?" Dear friends,Please find below an update on the activities of the churches within the POLIS network related to the refugee crisis over the past four months. Exarcheia Church, First Greek & FAROSIt’s more than two months now since we first opened our “day center” in Elpidos St. —which means “s...

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Update from Dan and Susan Steer

Equipped to Lead  "...entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also."It's Harmattan season in West Africa. Dust from the Sahara rides the winds south, filling the air throughout the region. At its peak, a brown fog envelopes everything: hiding the sun, reducing visibility and creating a sepia-toned atmosphere of gloom. But, in contrast to the weather, ...

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The Clow Communicator - update from John and Kathy Clow Jan.2016

The Clow Communicator New year = another new job title. On January 9th John was asked to take on the role of Country Director; he remains as La Ceiba Team Leader. There is a new team starting a new church plant in the capital of Tegucigalpa. John has been charged with being available to them for encouragement and support. The team leader and his wife (The Halberts) are a ...

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