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Update from the Attias - August 2016

August 24,2016 YES! These children are so happy to have a kid’s club to attend. Here is one of the new classrooms in the community center you are helping through your prayers and support. We started our new educational cycle about 3 weeks ago with 75 children and 8 teachers (one believer in Christ amongst them). Now we have 130 children and the principal has become ...

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Update from John and Cathy Clow - August 2016

July newsletter obviously didn't happen. I don't know why I pressure myself to try and get a monthly newsletter out during the summer as it never happens. I always end up doing a combined June, July, August newsletter. Praises: 1. We had a busy, but wonderful and safe summer mission team season. We are blessed by all the churches who come down to work alongside of us. 2. ...

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Update from Andrew and Julie Halbert - August 2016

Dear friends, Thank you for your consistent and faithful prayers. Here are some things that we are thankful for and some things that we are asking God for... 1) The second semester has ended! I am glad to be between semesters and to be able to catch up on some administrative work. Praise God for another successful semester! 2) We had our pastor and his wife over for din...

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Update from the Kings - August 2016

Dear partners, Time has been tight for me recently but I wanted to share a brief update from the last couple of months with what has been happening here. In July I travelled to Nepal to check on a couple of our existing partner stations. Following a leadership meeting a few months ago we discovered that there are some continuing technical issues which need to be addresse...

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Update from George and Kathy Schultz - August 2016

"I began the Debrief Retreat feeling like it would be a Joshua moment, a moment in time where God would move in big ways, and we would look back and see that it was Him who parted the waters. I look back now and see that did happen. We were a part of something much bigger, something even words cannot fully describe, other than it was God." Comment from one of our facilitat...

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Update from Mike and Carrie Meisenheimer - August 2016

Hey friends, I’ve been looking over evaluations of the summer Leadership Project from staff and students, and I’ve been realizing the true value of any project or event is in the individual stories and change that result from it. Thankfully, God did plenty of that this summer and we wanted to share some of those as a way to thank God and illustrate the individ...

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Update from Rwanda & Uganda by Joel McCall - August 2016

RWANDAIn the final Kigali conferences the team witnessed the impact that our teaching brought to the leaders. For close to an hour the top leaders sat us down and spoke publicly about their gratitude for what had been learned. They thanked God, the teams, the churches and supporters who provided resources to minister to them. Our ministry mentored the Pastors and leaders...

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Update from Jay and Judy Lynn Francis - August 2016

A Tale of Two SummersThis is the first summer in 8 years that we have not been in Ukraine! So how does this summer compare to summer of 2015? Last summer we drove a co-worker’s car across Ukraine 3 times. This summer we bought a car and drove across the U.S., all the way to Alaska! Last summer we went to 5 camps. This summer we went camping by ourselves. Last summer ...

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Update from Alex and Maggie Halbert - August 2016

Dear Christ Covenant,We pray you are doing well. We are so very thankful for the love and support we get from the many who receive this update. The past few months have been extremely busy for us as a family. If you didn’t hear, on June 26th, Maggie gave birth to our second child, William Alexander Halbert. He was born at 9:59am local time and weighed 4.09 kilos or 9...

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Update from Travis and Tish Morin - July 2016

July 2016 update from the Morin family serving in Roatan, Honduras since 2012. Greetings, friends! Sorry for the delay in communicating all that is happening with Roatan Mission but please know that it is not from lack of things going on for sure. We are currently engaged in constructing a mission house for teams that will also provide rest and relaxation to those on the ...

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Update from the Mike and Carrie Meisenheimer - August 2016

Hey Team,Thank you for praying for us so specifically this summer and being a part of the Leadership Project in Myrtle Beach! We were home for 3 weeks in July while some of our first year staff and student leadership led the project, and then we returned to Myrtle Beach to wrap everything up last week. It was a gift to be so intensely involved in this year in every aspect ...

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