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Adult Sunday Classes - Summer

Our summer classes began June 3rd - but please join us any time!

9:30am Classes

“Friendship Evangelism” taught by Ray Morgan - meeting in The Well (Children's Wing)
This six week course on Friendship Evangelism will cover how you can use your ordinary lifestyle to proclaim the gospel. These lessons are designed to encourage and train you to share the good news of the Gospel as the Lord gives you opportunities while going about your normal daily activities. We will pray for specific people in your circle of influence, discuss ways to engage in meaningful spiritual conversations with your friends, and memorize a presentation of the gospel with appropriate Bible verses. This will give you the tools to be the witness that God has called you to be.

“The Holiness of God” taught by David Forbes - meeting in the Rehearsal Hall (behind the office reception desk)
How does understanding this truth transform our worship, obedience, attitudes, relationships, and self-worth?

"Marriage Check-Up" taught by Jim Coffield - meeting in Classrooms A & B
(For married and engaged couples) Come and join us for an exploration into practical, Biblical solutions to common marriage issues. Participants will take the Enrich Marital Test and we will use those results to customize a class that will help us address these problems. (There is a small fee for the test that will be given online; the website and additional information given June 3rd.)

11:00am Classes

“The Book of Acts and the Growth of the Church” taught by Chris Jaeger - meeting in The Warehoue  
The book of Acts helps us understand the Gospels message and gives clarity to the epistles.  This transitional book helps us understand the growth and purpose of the church. 

“The Gospel of Mark, Continued” taught by Jon Shugart - meeting in classrooms A & B
The first half of the gospel of Mark focused on Jesus declaration that “the Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe.”  In the second half of the Gospel, Mark records Jesus’ focus narrowing from the masses to the instruction of the twelve disciples.  With the time He has left on earth, He will be preparing them for His death, and for their ministry afterward.  As Jesus teaches his disciples, He is also teaching us.

"I've Got Questions - A Sunday Morning Safe Space" taught by Joel McCall/Paul Fitzgerald - meeting in the Rehearsal Hall (behind of office reception area)
Unbelievers and believers all have questions. Good questions, but some may seem impolite, it will make me look bad if I ask “That”....This class will involve  such questions that may bother us but need an answer.  Engaging the world requires deep issues that deserve a response. We welcome you to join us in this dynamic setting.